The history of our company

1996-2001 our journey began with the plates

Carpani’s history began in 1996 in the heart of the Apennines; Filippo Carpani, ski instructor, together with his partner, Antonio Guidi, decided to start an activity of design and construction of plates for skiing. The products are developed with a high technological content starting from the characteristics required by competitive skiing. This allows to obtain industrial patents, and the plates generate great interest from the market both at the Italian and international levels.

In the following years, the world of skiing underwent important changes, both in terms of technologies and materials and the industrial and commercial composition of the market.

2001-2006 we moved to the skis

These changes led Filippo and his partner, also a ski instructor, to consider designing and manufacturing skis in addition to the plates. Despite the complexity that this decision would have entailed, the strategy was as straightforward as it was ambitious right from the start; “the products were to be developed internally and their production based on vertical integration, executed and taken care of internally in every detail”.

The competitive nature of the materials produced led the company to approach the world of competition.

In 2006 Carpani skis took part in the Paralympic Games in Turin. The athlete Silvia Parente and her guide Lorenzo Migliari won four medals, three golds and a bronze, followed by several world and European titles.

2006-2019 the company expanded and entered the FIS world

In the same year, Filippo and his partner decide to take different paths, Filippo with the help of his father, Lorenzo, also a ski instructor, and later his partner Matteo, funded the “Carpani Snc”, a company entirely dedicated to the design and construction of skis and ski plates.

This ambitious development strategy required the gradual acquisition of the necessary technical facilities and machinery, bearing in mind the ultimate goal of producing skis entirely within the company.

The main objective was to guarantee the best product quality for the end-user. This required an essential and progressive financial commitment.

Over the years, the range of skis expands consistently and functionally to cover different market spaces; however, the competition ski segment continues to represent the central element of development and production, the true soul of the company.

The strategy was to develop skis concentrating on the most advanced technologies and materials to allow the athletes using our products to achieve the best performances. This mix of technologies and materials were to be made available first to the competitive field and then to the amateur and tourist market segments allowing all our users to have skis with high value from the construction and materials standpoints.

The intuition proved to be effective; this led over the years to see our skis increasingly used in the FIS Master circuits, where athletes who use our skis achieved excellent results by winning several titles at the national and international level. This allowed us to develop technologies further and use more advanced materials to achieve performances that have nothing to envy other brands.

2019-2021 a new “home” and the World Cup

The increased volume of skis produced and the necessity to introduce new technologies and materials pushed us to enlarge the development and production spaces. Therefore, we moved to a larger site that allows us to develop skis and technologies oriented to the future and the performance.

On the competition front, the journey we started years ago allowed us to achieve results that, although planned, were reached much sooner than initially expected. This led to see our skis competing in the Women’s World Cup circuit in the 2020-2021 season, where they achieved flattering results from the very first appearance.

As important as this result is for us, it is only a starting point; after about 40 years, an Italian ski entirely designed and built in our country is back on the World Cup circuit. Naturally, we are pleased with this, however it only represents a commitment and a responsibility for future growth and development.

Despite the difficulties of the current time, 2021 sees us increasing our efforts to develop new technologies and materials. In this regard, we have reached collaborative agreements for research on materials and production processes, intending to produce skis with an ever-increasing level of performance for racing, amateur and tourism.

At the same time, we are structuring the company on the commercial front to allow a better visibility of our brand both nationally and internationally.

Looking to the future from our past

This journey began in 1996 with a dream which has gradually turned into reality. 

We want to thank all the athletes and friends who have accompanied us so far; it has been a unique and gratifying experience. We guarantee to all our fellow travellers, past, present and future, the utmost commitment to our shared passion for alpine skiing in all its forms and contexts, from competition at the highest levels, to the amateurs and tourism skiing.

We realize that in the end, all this has a common denominator; the passion for skiing that unites us and that we share with all of you.

Today, as it was in the past, this passion leads us to a conviction that is as humble as heartfelt.
The differences between our skis and the others are in the end very simple; our eyes and our hearts.