We use three layers of Titanal, calibrated and combined to obtain excellent parameters, which allows a high degree of torsional hardness that provides excellent stability on uneven terrain and high driving precision.

Multilayer Titanal​

This innovative technology is based on the use of a special material with a composite structure in the layering of the ski. This enables a high degree of vibration damping and more excellent ski responsiveness, resulting in precise ski handling in all snow conditions and faster response in setting trajectories.

CFX Technology

We have developed this technology with precise objectives in mind. First, this construction allows the ski tip to have a significant degree of longitudinal deformability while maintaining torsional stiffness. This translates into easier and more immediate entry into a turn, which is achieved with less energy and allows for more precise trajectories.

Quick Tip

This construction is based on the top rounding of the sandwich structure, resulting in greater torsional rigidity during curve development for the benefit of precision and efficiency in handling and excellent wear resistance.

CSC Technology

Our company has developed and utilizes this unique worldwide technology which is based on a special sidecut with the tip area narrower than the tail.The Inverted Geometry construction used by our Master athletes at International level has won countless titles, it allows for easy and quick entry into turns and excellent propulsion and support when exiting turns. This allows for more effective trajectories and superior racing performances.

Inverted Shape Geometry