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In 2006, in the heart of the Apennine Mountains, more precisely in Vidiciatico village a new ski builder was born. Everything started from a Carpani family initiative, a family with skiing in the DNA. This initiative has realized a process that began in 1971 when Lorenzo became ski instructor. Lorenzo passed on the passion for skiing to his son Filippo, ski instructor too, who had the idea to start a custom made production in the small Apennines village. The workshop where his father worked as a blacksmith has been progressively converted for producing ski and sporting goods. Therefore, Filippo has continued an experience started with his friend and ski instructor  Antonio Guidi with whom he had founded in 1988 the Guicarflex for the production of ski plates, selling their products in many countries.     Moreover, the two dynamic entrepreneurs had invented the BLADE SKI brand that they have marketed with their  ski plates within the skiing circuit.   With their materials, the athlete Silvia Parente and her guide Lorenzo Migliari won 4 medals (3 gold and one bronze) at the Torino 2006 Paralympic Games and other World and European races. In 2006, as jointly agreed, Antonio and Filippo decided to separate their activities.   Then, Filippo founded his small company the “Carpani sci” for the ski production. Taking advantage of the experience gained from the previous activity, Philip and his father bought and also built the machinery for the manufacture of their ski models.     In just three years, the “Carpani sci” was able to provide a full customization service to their clients who became friend and Thanking in advance anyone who wants to visit us, even in a virtual way thanks to this web site, lots of snow and good skiing. Filippo Carpani