Innovative High-Tech skis

For over 20 years Carpani has developed and produced high quality skis with advanced materials and technologies. We use noble materials, innovative and reliable technologies and all our production is made internally. Each ski is produced and finished completely by hand, this ensures a high level of quality and performance. This process also ensures reliability, safety and performance for the most demanding users both in the competitive and amateur fields. After more than 40 years of absence, skis completely designed and manufactured in Italy are back in the World Cup and these are Carpani skis.

We develop and manufacture high performance skis. Our passions are the mountains, the snow and the emotions that skiing can give. Our DNA is racing, our skis are the essence of our passion and your emotions


Our World Cup is a true high-performance ski used in World Cup competitions. The Carpani Racing department has concentrated all the know-how acquired over the years into this line. The structure is customizable according to the technical and physical characteristics of the athlete.                            

The skis of the Master line have achieved countless podiums at the international level. The structure and materials used have been constantly perfected and have led to the development of the World Cup line. Their structure is customisable to suit the technical and physical characteristics of the athletes and their competitive goals.          


The RC line is designed for skiers who do not have competitive ambitions but who want precision, stability and responsiveness in their skis. The materials used are the same as in the World Cup and Master lines, while the sidecut allows for a more manageable curve radius. The wood core and Titanal layers ensure unrivalled responsiveness and stability at speed.

Our Allmountain skis take you everywhere; on hard-packed snow, powder and fresh snow and in every situation in between. They are characterised by special construction technology and ensure maximum versatility, manoeuvrability and a playful feeling that is hard to find with other skis in the same category.

Mountaineering skis are designed for skiing in total freedom. For their development, noble materials have been selected and assembled with a unique construction technique that guarantees outstanding stability combined with exhilarating lightness on the ascent. They are designed for you to enjoy your freedom.


"I chose Carpani to make the leap in quality I'm looking for. I am convinced that with this small but dynamic Italian company, we will be able to work in an ideal way to achieve our shared objectives."

Tomas Cantero

testimonial skis Carpani Luciano Panatti

"After so many years, I take great pleasure in seeing a ski wholly developed and produced in Italy on the World Cup circuit. It is the confirmation of the high quality that our country can express in this sector."

Luciano Panatti
Former Coach of Italian National Ski Team “Valanga Azzurra”

testimonial skis Carpani Giulia Noris

"I have been using Carpani skis for some time now, and I was immediately impressed by their smoothness, responsiveness and stability. These are fundamental characteristics for athletes and amateurs."

Giulia Noris
National instructor

Testimonial Carpani skis Tomas Cantero

"I chose to use and propose Carpani's skis because people who set themselves important goals and put so much humility and skillset into achieving them deserve absolute trust. The development of their skis over the past few years has been incredible, and those skis now deserve to be used in competitions at the highest level."

Emanuele Pellesi

testimonial sci Carpani Francesco Mascarin

"I have been collaborating with Carpani for many years, and I have the honour of being the President of their Ski Club. As a user of these skis, I have witnessed the constant growth of the company and of the product development to reach the World Cup circuit."

Francesco Mascarin
President Carpani Ski Club

A special thanks goes to Luciano Panatti who, with his knowledge and experience, has advised us on this journey to achieve results that were initially unthinkable for us.“​